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Value Innovation - Element 8 Group

SYDNEY (July 24, 2017) Element 8 Group today announced its launch of operations within Australia.


The focus of the group is to fund and lead large scale, cutting edge, cross disciplinary development programs across biomedical sciences, physical sciences, technology and engineering. Through their approach they aim to re-invigorate core sectors, increasing job growth, facilitating educational development through various internships (national universities and indigenous communities) to effectively support their grandoise vision.

The company is divided into three core areas

  • Element 8 Ventures - a $250 million global venture fund to foster an ecosystem to drive entrepreneurial ideation and experimentation.
  • Element 8 Research (Private/Corporate) - which will raise around $100 million to manage its private research portfolio that will not only drive the forefront of discovery within these varied fields, but ensure the provision of a sound ecosystem for society.
  • Element 8 Medical Research Hospital - that will plan to establish the future of patient care, by rewriting the healthcare model.

About Element 8 Group

Element 8 Group is focused on providing a sound enterprise ecosystem to derive growth within our venture firms, whilst advancing our core research activities, and leading-edge health solutions within our medical institutions.