Collaborative Workspaces, Venture Capital, and the Explorers

A global ecosystem that provides for the growth, development and commercialisation of a Startup venture, is at the epitome of where Element 8 Ventures exists.

Established across the Asia-Pacific provides us the reach for extensive growth within the region. In addition, with our global coverage across the Americas and European Markets, provides further opportunities for Startups entering our ecosystem.

Our focus is Life Sciences and Deep Technologies across all varied sectors. We facilitate the pathway to commercially viable and socially responsible enterprises through ideation, mentorship, collaboration, learning and investments.

Element 8 Ventures (Asia-Pacific) public offering:

  • Collaborative Science & Technology Workspaces
  • Incubator / Accelerator Programs (SSI)
  • Co-Creation Learning & Discovery Spaces
  • Corporate Research & Development Programs
  • Venture Capital Investment

Startup Pitch

We are ready to hear your pitch today. Learn more and see how you can be inducted as an Explorer within our ecosystem. Let us provide you the custom tools to build your Startup.